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Puppy and Kitty are good friends, they both live in a village.

Puppy is cheerful, optimistic, friendly and warm. He always laughs and can make friends with everyone. Almost everyone loves hanging out with him and play with him.

But Kitty, how could we talk about him. He is a wordless boy in the corner with a round face, he doesn’t talk much, always come and go in quietly. He doesn’t have much friend, because not too many people want to play with a guy who don’t talk much. Actually he has only one friend, Puppy.

These two guys grow up together since they are born. Puppy knows Kitty very well, he can understand Kitty’s love. Even Kitty doesn’t show his love very obviously, but he would always accompany with Puppy to everywhere and every time, no matter what they did, boring or stupid, Kitty is always there, quiet and silent.

Because Kitty’s exists, Puppy never feels loneliness and cold. He knows there’s always be someone waiting for him at side. There’s always be someone would save him when he is in danger. Always be one guy would look at him with cold and warm sight.

Puppy knows he is the only one friend of Kitty. So he wants to give Kitty a surprise birthday party. He finds a store, customize many party staff from them, tableware, banner, toppers and so on. He prints Kitty’s photographs and litter dried fish on everything, the cups, the plates, the napkin and the toppers. He knows Kitty would love them very much!

You know what? This is a very strange party, only two guys there, Puppy and Kitty.

Kitty is still cool without mood and emotional. He eats up all the food.

But Puppy is also very happy and excited, because he finds there’s a little wet in Kitty’s eyes.

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