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Plastic Cups

If you are looking to serve guests in a for kids party, plastic cups are the best option. . They are so finely crafted that it is impossible to gauge the difference unless and until it is held in hand. One can get  plastic cups of various sizes and weights vary from 9 OZ to 12 OZ. Depending on the choice and the beverage to be served the color of these plastic cups can be customized. The finishing of the cups is made perfect with gold Stamping, dusting, electroplating or heat transfer printing and even silk. One can use them to serve champagne, or can be used to serve water, health drinks or juices.


Advantages of Using Them


  • The plastic cup is affordable, and there is no substantial loss in case of any breakage.
  • These are manufactured with the help of the automatic production line machinery. Thus every piece is identical to the other. .
  • The cups are made of nontoxic and eco- friendly materials.
  • FDA & FLGB certification is available for them which represent the food safety standards of using them.