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Whether you are having a meal at a posh restaurant or are munching on some fast food at a roadside joint, you will get napkins everywhere. . They are the safest options to wipe your hands and face with after a meal. Though they are mostly square-shaped, you can custom make them as per your requirement. Apart from customizing, they are readily available in 33*33 cm, 25*25 cm, 40*40 cm,and also with double or triple layers. . Gold stamping or other printing can be done on them with ease. The colors can be customized, to give a unique look.

Advantages of Using Them


  • The materials used in making the napkins are eco-friendly and can be discarded easily. .
  • They have FSC certification that proves that the ecology or forest products have not been disrupted.
  • The napkins can be custom made giving various shapes and sizes. You can also ask for colors of your choice. .
  • One can get them at cheap rates and save money.