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Candy Cane

The prototype of the walking stick is the walking stick of the shepherd in the wilderness. The shepherd uses it to pull up the lamb that has fallen into the trap. The inverted crutch is similar to the initial “J” of “Jesus”, so it also means Jesus.


The star at the top of the Christmas tree is called the “Star of Bethlehem”. It is the most characteristic symbol of Christmas tree decorations. It symbolizes the supernova that appeared in the sky during the birth of Jesus. It reveals the location of Jesus’ birth and symbolizes the birth of Jesus. Salvation, the glory of Christ, the eternal hope of mankind. Putting gifts under the Christmas tree originated from the legend that the three doctors offered gifts to the baby Jesus and also meant to drive away demons.


I still remember the first time that I celebrated Christmas when I was a child. My sister taught me to sing the song Jingle Bells, which is probably one of my deepest memories of Christmas. It is also one of the most familiar Christmas songs. But do you know? This song was not originally written for Christmas~

In 1857, songwriter James Lord Pierpon wrote Jingle Bells for his father’s students as a track on Thanksgiving Day for the school performances that day.

Unexpectedly, this brisk tune and pleasant lyrics were loved by many people and spread widely. In the future150 years, this happy tune song became the repertoire of Christmas.

“Jingle bells, jingle bells Jingle all the way……” Hearing this beautiful melody, the festive atmosphere became stronger immediately.


Gingerbread Man

When we talk about Christmas, people will soon think of various kinds of special food.  But if we say the symbol snack of Christmas, it must be the gingerbread? There are many legends about this ancient food, even many fairy tales will use gingerbread men as their protagonist.

Its origin can be traced back to the Middle Ages. In the past, “ginger” was very expensive and rare. Ordinary people will only use it at very important festivals like Christmas.

Not only the taste of ginger is unique but it has the special effect of repelling cold. Over time, gingerbread becomes a snack associated with winter and even Christmas.

During the Christmas party, the family will gather together and use flour, brown sugar, cinnamon, and ginger to make gingerbread cookies in various cute shapes. People will use them as decorations to decorate the Christmas tree or put them in the children’s Christmas stocking As a little surprise secretly.


Christmas Wreath:

When Christmas comes, every family will decorate its own unique Christmas wreath at the door. In ancient times, the red and green Christmas wreaths symbolized God’s victory over the devil and blessed the safety of the family in the coming year. Now it has become the symbol of  Christmas.

The most traditional Christmas wreath always has the red and green holly. As time pass by, the styles of Christmas wreaths become various.

Use pine branches, ivy, and other evergreen branches or leaves as the basis of the wreath. Decorate it with your favorite decorations like Pine cones, bells, colored balls, ribbons, etc., all these elements have the Christmas atmosphere. You might as well use your creativity and add fresh designs


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