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Paper Cup

If you have many guests at home and you are short of glasses to serve the beverages, during such times of crisis the paper cups come in handy.   They come in a variety of sizes, and you can get them in several ounces. One can get plastic cups in 9 OZ, 8 OZ, 7 OZ, and many more sizes. You can select one that suits your requirement best.  The paper cups can be custom made using the color of your  choice. They are made of Kraft paper and are available in a single layer as well as a double layer for extra strength.  The paper cups are regular cup shaped that we otherwise use. The paper cups can be gold stamped or can be finished with some other printing to give a beautiful finish.


Paper Cup Advantages


  • The cups are cheap and do not burn a hole in the pocket while purchasing them and can be bought in volumes.
  • The prints on the paper cups can be customized as per your fancy.
  • All paper cups manufactured are covered under the FSC certification emphasizing that they are made taking into consideration the social responsibility of maintaining the ecology.