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Paper Plate

Arranging a vast number of ceramic plates can be a hassle, especially if the guest count is more.. Either one needs to organize the whole lot or needs to clean them and serve as and when someone has finished eating. This problem can be easily solved with disposable paper plates. You are saved from getting the plates washed and can be easily disposed off. One can get paper plates in various shapes,  from round to square, hexagon, octagon, and decagon and can even get them custom made. . The sizes vary from 7 inches, 9 inches, 12 inches and many more and each of the dimensions can be used to cater to different needs. The color of these plates can be customized too, giving them a unique look. They are available after gold stamping, printing, laminating and polishing to provide a perfect look.


Advantages of Using Them


  • The plates are mad of eco- friendly material and are nontoxic. They can be disposed of swiftly with environmental hazards.
  • The paper plates can be custom made, and one can give their ideas and imaginations a shape during the process of making them.
  • They are FSC certified  and can be used without any social stigma of destroying the trees.

The best part of these plates are that they are affordable.