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The choice of Cutlery can determine the taste of a person. For ages, people have paid attention to the minute detailing surrounding the way the cutlery is being used and presented. A perfect spoon or  fork is sure to draw the attention of guests, may it be an official gathering or an informal get together. One can get these in various sizes starting from 14 cm, 15 cm, 18 cm, 19 cm and many more. The dimensions can vary and custom made according to the specifications given by the user.  With shinning electroplating on them, the shine is unique, and the perfect embossing of the designs and  logos, help them stand out.


Advantages of Using Them


  • Not only are they perfectly designed to use, they are also extremely affordable. The cutleries are eco-friendly and can be disposed off after use without any hassle.
  • One can custom make, in shapes and sizes of their liking. Both FSC and FDA Certification have been awarded to them and are not at all toxic..
  • These cutleries are easy to use and are completely hygienic.