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Most people admire the designs on drinking straws and love to sip on their favorite drinks with straws that are chic and attractive. .However, most straws are not manufactured with the highest quality materials. . With drinking straws made up of Kraft paper, the sipping blues are over. One can get them in various sizes in the range of 197*6 MM, 197*7 MM, 240*1 MM and many more. The size and the diameter of the straws can vary and be customized as per your requirement. One can also get straws with gold stamping on them. Printings can be done with ease, and any design or message can be crafted depending on your requirement.

Advantages of using These Drinking Straws


  • These straws are extremely economical and anybody can invest in them. .
  • One can make them in various shapes and designs as per your needs.
  • FSC certification from the competent authorities is available.
  • They are eco-friendly and is produced as well as disposed of without causing any harm to the environment.