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What is crepe paper?

Crepe paper is a special kinds of tissue paper that coated with sizing and then “crepe” to create gathers. Sizing means material like glue, gelatin, gum…mixed to paper pulp to add sheen and stiffness.This gives the paper different texture and feel from untreated tissue paper.

Tissue paper, as defined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) paper industry standard, is the most weight paper on its scale.

Crepe paper comes in white and other bright and pastel colors. It can be used to specialty paper, like mulberry paper that is made from the Daphne Bush of the Himalayas. In addition, crepe paper is important as the backing for tapes, including masking tape and electrical tape.

Crepe paper usually sold in long narrow rolls or large folded sheets. Sometimes to will add some special material into it’s material to make it fire-resistant.

Some common products that made from tissue paper.

1:Crepe paper streamer:

Crepe paper are perfect for any special celebration decorating. Simply hang up twist and mix together for maximum effect.

Hang and twist rolls of crepe paper all over your party room, from wall to wall and ceiling to floor. For a custom design that accentuates your celebration or special event, just mix and match the color of the crepe to your party theme like the tissue paper streamer.

Crepe paper backdrop:

Perfect Party Backdrop for a Wedding, Baby Shower, Birthday and any other Special Occasion.

Party backdrops can help to create a visual effect that grab the attention of your guests quickly. Backdrops are also a stylish addition to photo booths and incorporate your party theme into your photographs.

You can mix different colors for different party

You can adjust the length to what you like:

You can also add some balloon to it

If you like more soft paper, you also can choose Tissue Paper Streamer directly. Like Crepe paper streamer, tissue paper streamer also has a lot of colors for the customer to choose and usually used for balloons decoration, party backdrops and party table or chairs decorating.

The following picture of the common colors we usually have:

You can choose the color to match your party theme:

for example: Yellow +black + purple color Halloween party

Light blue+blue +dark blue color for boy’s birthday party


Crepe paper is popular for streamers but it has other uses as well. Props and costume accessories can be made of this paper. It can be soaked in a small amount of water to create a dye for Easter eggs, white card stock, and other materials. It can also be used to make paper flowers, applique, and paper sculpture.

2:Crepe paper DIY flowers:

Paper flowers made from tissue paper is very thin and lightweight also with an extra textured coating.

3:Tassels for balloons: hang the tassel under the bottom of the balloons

4:Decoration for gift and gift packaging box filler: Just cut the paper to long small pieces of paper, we usually call it raffia, put some raffia to the bottom of the box to warp the gift.


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