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Marriage is a kind of sacred thing. It is one of the most important things in your life to anybody all over the world. We were young, wayward, impulsion, free and act recklessly, but from that time on, we are not live alone. We should take responsibility to our family, our kids and everything in our home. My girlfriend and me will finally get married next month, we have stayed together for couple years and go through many tough time. We are so proud of each other and looking forward to set up our fresh new journey in both of our lives.

But during this special moment, we have to say farewell to our previous life at same time and this makes me feel a bit sad as well. Coz you know, family will become the most important thing in the future instead of everything which has accompanied you for your past whole life. It’s a bit sad to say goodbye to your bachelor life, to the party which last until dawn, to the crazy young life and to all the buddies stand your side.

About the fact that I’m going to leave “the team”, pals of course feel sad, but they are more joy. So we decided to take the last chance to have a party —- The Bachelor Party! Of course everything would be prepared by them and I know nothing about it. But I felt amazing as soon as I went into the living room, it was terrific! I can’t imagine how much they did for time special party. But they told me, it was simple. THERE’S AN ONLINE STORE, YR, they are doing party stuff in particular and professional in it. What you need to do is provide them your request, and they will help you to build a magnificent party! They will pack everything well and send by express, we only need to decorate the room by ourselves. All they did is marvelous and save us a lot of trouble. They also have many other options for other theme party, I think our party can’t leave them in future~ Lol.

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