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Thanksgiving is a traditional Western holiday. It is a holiday for Americans to gather together. It is the fourth Thursday in November every year. The holiday lasts from Thursday to Sunday.

The meaning of Thanksgiving is to tell us the beauty of life, let us learn to be grateful, learn to cherish, learn to understand and tolerate, and the most important thing is love and giving. This is what life truly gives us.

The most traditional Halloween is pumpkins, leaves and turkeys that represent a good harvest. So let me introduce a decorative products that contain pumpkin and leaf elements. Beautiful and gorgeous late autumn style design, with elements such as maple leaf pumpkin. Make your house full of warmth and happiness.

Our pumpkin decoration set is very suitable for desktop decoration in various places. This pumpkin is made of environmentally friendly Styrofoam, plastic, and other materials. They are very light and durable, the color, texture, size and shape are more realistic and are made by the best material. This decoration is exquisitely crafted. You can see that these maple leaves, acorns, pine cones, and pumpkins are all the same as the real ones. It is difficult to distinguish without careful observation. And our product is very durable-and reusable. They are not afraid of collision, you can enjoy it for a long time, also could reuse it for many years.


If you have any questions for this items or other Thanksgiving production, please feel free to contact with us, we will happy to working with you.



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