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As a party company, our favorite things to do is to having a party together with you guys, so today, we are going to have Halloween party time, we have prepared the designs for Halloween celebration items.

Let’s see what is this? They are two paper hats for Halloween party.

These two paper hats the left one is made of 210g white paper,the right one is made of 800g glitter paper,the height of hat is 12cm, the left hat is black printing paper with silver foil for moon and star pattern. The right hat is made of black glitter, when we put it in the light place, it is shining.

They looks very cool and fashionable, when you wear it on the party, you will become the star at the party.

Do you know what’s these? These are halloween banner, the black “happy Halloween” is made of 400g black glitter paper, the total is 14 numbers, the height of numbers are 14cm, we can also do any color and size you want.

For the white ghost paper banner are made of 210g white paper with black glitter, the height of each ghost is 12cm,it is very interesting, as you can see the expression of ghost are not same, they are different, some are sad, some are happy, some are scary. So it’s like every pattern is alive.

I think any holiday deserves to be remembered, so just use decoration items to decorate the room and enjoy our time.


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