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You know, during an Covid-19, a lot of things go wrong. We can’t go shopping, we can’t go to the park, kids’ can’t go to school as usual, they can’t hung out with their friends, can’t enjoy their time and so on. One of my best friend told me she can’t even hold a birthday party for her little daughter in this time.

I was having a video call with my friend a couple weeks before, sure enough, she complained to me again. Her little daughter Lily, a very cute girl always with smile, friendly and kind-hearted to everybody in her life, who met me often before can’t be happy this time. Things is like time, Lily was born between spring and summer and in this warm spring, her birthday was in the corner. In the past several years, she will always invite many of her best friends in the community and class, hold an interesting party. Her mum will help her pick up a theme, decorate the backyard in advance and prepare all the cookie, snack, food and drink. Everyone will enjoy that time in a beautiful afternoon. But the presence of the epidemic has made everything massive.

A girl who can’t get her birthday party and a mum who doesn’t want to let her daughter down. Two poor guys.

Knowing all this fact, I recommended to them a company, Ningbo YR Arts & Crafts Co.,Ltd. that specializes in providing themed party products on line. Their company can come up with a lot of fantastic ideas, and you can always pick the theme product you want on their website:

Just yesterday, Lily’s mum told me that they found their favorite products on the company website which I recommended them. Even though they can’t invite as many friends as usual in this special time this year, the “mini” party is still very remarkable for her daughter.

She felt so much appreciate for the perfect service and magnificent product! So do i! Happy birthday Lily!

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