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Halloween is a holiday celebrated on October 31. in western countries. By tradition, Halloween begins after sunset. Long ago, people believed that witches gathered together and ghosts roamed the world on Halloween. Today, most people no longer believe in ghosts and witches. But these supernatural beings are still a part of Halloween. Halloween is also associated with supernatural creatures like ghosts and vampires (its’ representative image is bat). These creatures are not part of the natural world. They don’t really exist… or do they? Witches are popular Halloween characters that are thought to have magical powers. They usually wear pointed hats and fly around on broomsticks.

Halloween is a good time for celebration with family and friends for people. They prepare different items to deco their home or place and have interesting activities. Ningbo YR Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. is professional party goods supplier who have excellent design team. Their good designers always make fashionable ideas about seasons. Cute and Funny will be theme this year. They still keep “black” as main color factor but use “pink” instead of original orange color. Funny ghost no longer scare children any more. Bat, ghost, wizard hat … main features exist on products. The set include all necessary products we need. Paper plates, cups, napkins, toppers, paper straws, wooden cutleries and black table cloth can deco your table; Black curtain and bunting will bring celebratory atmosphere. You wear black wizard hat and enjoy such funny and happy time together. Designer add flashing effect on black part of topper, wooden cutlery and hats, which contains a sense of mystery and luxury. Different from other cheaper products, YR products are more suitable for consumers who have curtain requirements for quality. Ningbo YR will bring you an unexpected physical presentation.

More professional and fashionable is always the goal that YR has been pursuing.

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