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Happy birthday set

The outbreak of coronavirus began in January, and the epidemic is still ongoing. The United States has more than 1.7 million diagnoses today, 438,000 confirmed cases in Brazil, and 379,000 in Russia. As a result, our lives have undergone tremendous changes. No Chinese would imagine of isolation at home during the Spring Festival. They can only go out and purchase the necessities of life. For foreigners, they also can’t imagine that they will be isolated at home for a month or even longer.
No one expected that the coronavirus epidemic would affect us so much and for so long. We had to suspend all normal activities and isolate on homes. The only source of information is the Internet, which makes us feel that we are losing control of our lives and become worried and anxious. At this moment we should face the current situation more actively.
What I want most now is that when the epidemic has completely passed, I can hang out with friends, maybe have dinner together, or have a party. I think most people have the same idea as me, at least our designers are. In this birthday party kits, he only used foil gold, gold symbolizes nobility, luxury, and also symbolize this sparkle and light. I think he also added his expectations for the future in this design.

In this party set, there has
1: Stripe square plate in 9 inch
2: Stripe paper cup in 9oz
3: Stripe napkin in 6.5 inch
4: Shinny happy birthday banner
5: Stripe paper straw
6: Shinny gold foil hat
7: Shinny gold foil blowout
8: Strip gift bag.

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