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About gift box, I am sure most of you are very familiar with it. When we send  gift to our friends and families, we always put it in gift box to let it looks more pretty.

Gift boxes are always made of Card paper, it is UV lamination, waterproof, high compress resistance, hot foil printing, we can do it with customer request logo design. And we can also docorate it with ribbions, flowers, toys and so on.

Any holiday deserves to be remembered, as usual we are busy with work and study. We do not have enough time to spend with family and friends, so holiday is the best time to build relationship. In holidays, we select gifts, and then put gift in beautiful gift boxes, let gift express our love to our lovers.

Another way, if we pack gifts in gift box, it can protect gift from damage, and it will looks more mysterious, we will guess what in the boxes, and it also adds a lot of fun.


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