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Are you confused what to give as a return gift to the invitee who had attended and gifted your daughter on her birthday? Is it becoming a headache and making you tensed about the interior decor of the venue? Well, everyone gets a little bit of confusion for selecting the return gifts, and if it is not generalized, it turns more confusing. It is not only the interior decor of the venue that matters but being a host one has to see that the food or the drinks are appropriately served with clean cup, plates or the cutlery. It is always better to go for alternative materials in which the food and beverages are to be served so that there is no doubt about the cleanliness of the cutleries, plates, and cups that are used.

The Arrangements That Need To Be Done

Organizing a party on your own along with food and return gifts is challenging, and planning needs to be done in advance to make the occasion a grand success. While going through this article, you will get some ideas as to handle the pressure of the day without having any tension.

• The Interior Decoration Of The Venue

After you had selected the venue for the gathering, it is time to think of the interior decoration that needs to be done for the particular occasion. Many people decorate the place with balloons and ribbons and led lights, but you can think something different and go for decoration with the paper fans giving a unique look to the area. You can get them in various sizes and can print both the sides of some message or wishes of your choice and can hang them from the ceiling or the walls. Being eco- friendly, decoration with paper fan puts forward your concern for keeping the environment free of non-degradable materials that cause pollution. You can put some low lights under the paper fans and present a lovely ambiance on the venue area.

• The Gifts You Can Give

If it is an official party or party to promote some idea or a get together for a birthday or anniversary, it is expected to part with some gifts to the invitees and return their appreciation for your company or to being present in the occasion. Have you thought of gifting a token of love and gratitude to the invitees? You can gift them the lovely gift boxes that come in a variety of colors and shapes and with tray and lid, flip lid, The gift box can be gold plated and made in custom sizes if you order them to some expert maker in advance. However, you can get them readymade too if the dimensions are general and not specified by you. People love to get some gifts in return as an appreciation and presenting them with these lovely gift boxes having excellent lamination, and specific thickness would be a unique idea. It becomes easy to distribute when you arrange for the similar type of gift boxes for all.

• The Food And Dining Arrangements

Any gathering of enjoyment is half done without some drinks or beverages and the food. One of the major concerns is to get many identical cups, plates, cutleries, drinking straws or the napkins. The napkins can be uniquely done in paper with some idea or messages printed on them. Since people use the napkin to wipe their hands and the lips hey should be of good quality although you can change the shape and the size. You can go for the regular square shape and can also increase the layers multifold. Do some gold stamping or printing and give them a different look.

While serving the beverages, paper cups are the best alternative to the traditional ceramic cups and are not only eco-friendly but also pocket-friendly as no demurrage is to be given in case of breakage that mostly happens when they are hired from some home catering agency. They are also much more hygienic as the purpose is use and throw and the concern for cleaning correctly for reuse does not arise. You can print the theme of the party or some message on the paper cups. The paper cup bought from any reputed manufacturer or dealer can be made of the kraft paper, and one can get single layered or double layered. You can vary the cup sizes depending upon the volume of the beverages to be served. If you are using a plastic cup, make sure that it has FDA and FLGB certification, assuring that they are not toxic and are eco-friendly. Along with the cup, think about the straws if the beverages served are not hot. Arrange for drinking straw that is made up of kraft paper. You can get them in various lengths and buy according to the need.

• Arranging For The Main Course

No happy get together is complete without the food, and everybody queues up in the food section to relinquish their palate. Using electroplated cutlery and embossing some logo or design makes them unique. One should always use  FDA certified product. One can get the cutleries in various sizes so that the guests master the food properly. Get hold of the paper plate to serve the food. You can get them in multiple sizes and shapes. They can be hexagonal, round, square or customized form. One can get them with lamination duly polished to give a smooth surface. Gold stamping and printing can also be done on them. You can use the Plastic Plate to serve your guests as they are also cheap having a smooth finish due to production in the automatic production line. Make sure they are eco-friendly, and FDA & FLGB certified quality.


With little planning and understanding of the event, it is effortless to enjoy the eventful day without any tension behind your mind. Use the alternatives mentioned above to make your guests satisfied. Get applauded for the perfect arrangements.

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